Prof. Welker’s research interests include issues in the areas of Christology, creation theory, anthropology, and eschatology, the dialogue between theology and the natural sciences, and interdisciplinary biblical theology, as well as the exploration of forms of “structured pluralism” in the biblical canon, in ecumenism, and in late modern societies. He is a member of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and a corresponding member of the Finnish Academy of Sciences.

His publications include “God’s Spirit,” “God’s Revelation. Christology,” “Creation and Reality,” “Kirche im Pluralismus,” “What Happens in Holy Communion?”, “The End of the World and the Ends of God. Science and Theology on Eschatology” (ed., with J. Polkinghorne), “Theologische Profile: Schleiermacher — Bonhoeffer — Barth — Moltmann,” “Money as God? The Standardized Monetization of the Market and the Impact on Religion, Politics, Law, and Morals” (ed., with Jürgen von Hagen), “Concepts of Law in the Sciences, Legal Studies, and Theology” (ed., with Gregor Etzelmüller), “The Science and Religion Dialogue: Past and Future” (ed. ), “The Depth of the Human Person” (ed.), “Quests for Freedom: Biblical — Historical — Contemporary” (ed.), “The Impact of Religion on Character Formation, Ethical Education, and the Communication of Values in Late Modern Pluralistic Societies” (ed., with John Witte and Stephen Pickard).

Research Areas:

I. Theology in Dialogue with Natural and Cultural Sciences

III. Theology and jurisprudence


  • The influence of religion on character formation, ethical education, and the communication of values in late modern pluralistic societies
  • Legal Dogmatics and Theological Dogmatics
  • Religion and Civil Societies
  • Multiple Reformations? The Heidelberg-Notre Dame Dialogue on the Legacies of the Reformation Age