Prof. Borowski’s research is concerned with the philosophy of law (in particular: concept of law, morality and normativity of law), the theory of fundamental and human rights (claim of law as human rights correctness, structure of fundamental and human rights, subsumption and weighing as methods of applying fundamental rights and law in general), law and religion (fundamental rights dogmatic and constitutional theoretical dimension of freedom of faith and conscience).

With regard to the connection between law and religion, the following books are particularly noteworthy among his publications: Grundrechte als Prinzipien (2007; 3rd, again revised ed., 2018), Cuestiones esenciales de la libertad de creencia y de conciencia en Alemania (2018), Die Glaubens- und Gewissensfreiheit des Grundgesetzes (2006), La Estructura de los Derechos Fundamentales (2003).

Work Area:

III. Theology and Law