Prof. Fuchs holds the Karl Jaspers Professorship for Philosophical Foundations of Psychiatry and is head of the section “Phenomenological Psychopathology and Psychotherapy” at Heidelberg University Psychiatric Hospital. He is also coordinator of the Marsilius Project “Embodiment as a Paradigm of an Evolutionary Cultural Anthropology” as well as research unit leader of the Karl Jaspers Edition. His main scientific interests include phenomenological anthropology and psychopathology on the one hand, and the theory and ethics of psychiatry and neuroscience on the other.

His recent publications include the books:

  • “Ecology of the Brain. The phenomenology and biology of the embodied mind” (2018),
  • “Randzonen der Erfahrung. Beiträge zur Phänomenologischen Psychopathologie” (2020), and.
  • “Verteidigung des Menschen. Grundfragen einer verkörperten Anthropologie” (2020).

In addition, Prof. Fuchs is editor of the publication series of the German Society for Phenomenological Anthropology and Psychiatry (DGAP) with research volumes on Karl Jaspers (2013), Wolfgang Blankenburg (2014), Ludwig Binswanger and Erwin Straus (2015).

Work Area:

II. Theology, bioethics, and medical law


  • Embodiment as a paradigm of an evolutionary cultural anthropology
  • Pathos and Pathology (together with Philipp Stoellger and Patricia Feise-Mahnkopp).