After four years in parish ministry in Alsace, Fritz Lienhard taught Practical Theology in Montpellier from 1997 to 2006. Since 2006 he has been a professor in Heidelberg. In this way he knows very different forms of church and works in an international horizon. A special feature of his position in Montpellier as well as in Heidelberg is the theological supervision of vicars, with corresponding interaction between theology and church practice. His working method is also characterized by interactions between practical-theological and systematic-theological aspects.

Fritz Lienhard is currently working on a book on the “Zukunft der Kirche. Religiöser Wandel und Reformen der Kirchen”, on the interaction between secularization theory and ecclesiology. His most important publications include “De la pauvreté au service en Christ” (2000); “Souffrance humaine et croix du Christ” (2006); “Grundlegung der Praktischen Theologie” (with Adrian Bölle) (2012); “Zur Sprache befreit — Diakonische Christologie” (ed., with Isabelle Grellier) (2013); edited, “Attentes religieuses dans le Protestantisme en France et en Allemagne” (2017).

Work Area:

XIV. Casual Practice and Religious Change


  • “Forms and Functions of the Casual Conversation” (in cooperation with the Protestant Regional Churches in Baden and in the Palatinate)