Prof. Haussmann has been a tenure-track professor of practical theology with a focus on pastoral care theory at the Faculty of Protestant Theology at Heidelberg University since the winter semester 2019/20. She holds a degree in psychology and was in training as a psychological psychotherapist with a focus on cognitive behavioral therapy (license to practice in 2020).

Her research focuses on topics related to aging, illness, care and religion and their implications for pastoral care and diakonia. These include, for example, the phenomenon of loneliness and the design of social meeting spaces in church and social contexts (caring communities), spirituality and religiosity in old age as an ambivalent dynamic event in connection with events in life history, or the burdens and resources of caring relatives.

Prof. Haussmann is Scientific Director of the Center for Pastoral Care of the Protestant Church in Baden, which offers pastoral training and continuing education for those interested in a wide variety of topics and ensures a lively exchange with the problems and issues of church and social practice.

Work Area:

XV. Practical Theology, Psychology and Medicine