In Practical Theology, Prof. Schoberth represents the field of religious education. There she deals with the basic questions of religious education and religious didactics. In her teaching and research area she focuses on the penetration of the connection between religious pedagogy and aesthetics; from a didactic-methodological point of view she works on the current shape and form of religious learning processes and the orientation of religious learning towards the opening of judgment competence. Furthermore, she reflects on the contribution of religious learning to the teaching of democratic virtues (political dimension of religious education).

Since 2011, she has been working, funded by the Manfred Lautenschläger Foundation, on the question of the acquisition of judgmental competence in religious educational processes. Two volumes have already been published on this topic: Urteilen lernen — Grundlegung und Kontexte ethischer Urteilsbildung, Göttingen 2012; Urteilen lernen II. Ästhetische, politische und eschatologische Perspectivenmoralischer Urteilsbildung im interdisziplinären Diskurs, Göttingen 2014; a third volume is in preparation: Urteilen lernen III. Räume des Urteilens in der Reflexion, in der Schule und in religiöser Bildung.

Research Area:

I. Religion in the educational process


  • The Religious Present of Children and Adolescents
  • Learning to judge in religious/ethical educational processes (in interdisciplinary cooperation): Project: Welcome to science: Learning to judge — but how?
  • On dealing with history in religious education, in school and community