Prof. Dannecker’s research and activities focus on economic and fiscal criminal law, European and international criminal law, medical criminal law, and national and European criminal constitutional law.

Prof. Dannecker is Director of the Institute for German, European and International Medical Law, Health Law and Bioethics at the Universities of Heidelberg and Mannheim (IMGB). He is editor of the Neue Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts‑, Steuer- und Unternehmensstrafrecht (NZWiSt).

In addition to numerous publications on business, tax and medical criminal law as well as on criminal constitutional law, he also contributed several articles to the series “Urteilen lernen” (Learning to Judge), for which Prof. Schoberth is responsible: “Narrative Ethik im Recht”, “Die Öffentlichkeit von Gesetzen” and “Urteilen-Lernen in der universitären Juristenausbildung. ”

Work Area:

IV. Religion in the educational process