Veröffentlicht im August 2023-Kategorie: Schlecht Stipends-

Five Projects were selected, supporting the exchange between the universities of

  • Heidelberg and Cambridge
  • Stellenbosch and Notre Dame, USA
  • Munich and Princeton
  • Heidelberg and Union, New York
  • Zurich and the Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  1. Katrin König (University of Heidelberg / Cambridge University)
    • Sending Person: Friederike Nüssel
    • Receiving Person: David Fergusson
    • Research Focus: Hermeneutics, dogmatics, history of theology, ethics
    • Project: Philosophical and Theological Concepts of Divine Presence and Their Ethical Relevance
  1. Marileen Steyn (Stellenbosch University, Südafrika/ Notre Dame University, USA)
    • Sending Person: Cas Wepener, Department of Practical Theology & Missiology, Faculty of Theology, Stellenbosch University
    • Receiving Person: Kimberley Hope Belcher (Notre Dame University)
    • Research focus: Practical theology and media ethics
    • Project: Dark Tourism Directing Attention: Workshopping a Spirituality of Reconciliation in South Africa (Dark tourism involves travelling to places associated with death and suffering)
  1. Nora Meyer (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich / Princeton Theological Seminary, USA)
    • Sending Person: Reiner Anselm
    • Receiving Person: Hanna Reichel
    • Research Focus: Environmental Ethics and Theology of Creation
    • Project: Creation and Sustainability in German Protestantism. A Study of Ethical Debates on the Environment from a Systematic-theological Perspective
  1. Daniel Seifert (University of Heidelberg / Union Theological Seminary, New York)
    • Sending Person: Jan-Christian Gertz
    • Receiving Person: David Carr
    • Research Focus: Old Testament
    • Project: Conceptions of ‘Home Country’ in the Book of Ezekiel
  1. Hananel Shapira (Hebrew University of Jerusalem / Zurich University)
    • Sending Person: Shimon Gesundheit
    • Receiving Person: Konrad Schmid
    • Research Focus: Old Testament
    • Project: Royalty and Ritual in Priestly Political Thought