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Pluralism has become the defining characteristic of modern societies. Individuals with differing values clamor for equality. Organizations and groups assert particular interests. Social movements flourish and fade. Some see in this clash of principles and aims the potential for a more just human community, while others fear the erosion of enduring culture. Yet beneath this welter stand powerful and pervasive institutions, whose distinctive norms profoundly shape our moral commitments and character—notably the family, the market, the media, and systems of law, religion, politics, research, education, health care, and defense.

Drawing on scholarship from five continents, many disciplines, and diverse religious perspectives, this series examines the impact of these various institutions on moral education, character, and values. As globalization carries the shifting dynamic between individuals and institutions into every part of the globe, the contributors hope that this conversation will help address the increasing challenges confronting our pluralist societies and our world.

With contributions by Jason Brennan, Michael J. Broyde, Ginny Seung Choi, Samuel Gregg, Peter Lampe, Manfred Lautenschläger, Frank J. Lechner, Klaus Leisinger, Katrin Gülden Le Maire, Piet Naudé, Paul Oslington, Stephen Pickard, William Schweiker, Virgil Henry Storr, Jürgen von Hagen, Michael Welker, Kaja Wieczorek, and John Witte.

Jürgen von Hagen, Michael Welker, John Witte, Stephen Pickard (Eds.), The Impact of the Market on Character Formation, Ethical Education and the Communication of Values in Late Modern Pluralistic Societies (Leipzig: Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, 2020).